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Hung States After Compression

Question asked by shaunrconway on Aug 12, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by blin-esristaff
Hello Everyone,

Desktop: 9.3.1 sp1, 9.3.1 sp2 & 9.3.1  (we can't force some of our folks to upgrade to sp2)
Database: SQL sde 9.3
Enterprise License

We run a bi-weekly maintenance routine where our distributed editors all reconcile and post, their versions are deleted, and the database is compressed. The last time we ran this process, we noticed a series of hung states in the database. We were unable to achieve a full compression to state 0. What stood out as odd, after having talked to our editors, is that the hung state times all coincide with a reconcile/post event.

Attached are screesnhots of the versioning lineage and the sde_states table post compression. The red highlighted state is my reconcile/post even just prior to compression.

Can anyone help with why these states are hanging, how can we fix them, and how do we prevent them from occurring?

Thanks in advance,