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Saving Output Feature Classes in the same Input Feature Class' Database in Modeling

Question asked by mel3355 on Jul 15, 2011
I'm trying to create a model that runs a series of independent dissolves creating 5 new feature classes from a single feature class. I have the basic set up and it runs great, however, I want to be able to avoid the step of navigating to the Database>Feature Dataset and Naming the feature class five times.

FYI: The basic structure of my data is a file geodatabase that contains two feature data sets. The Input Feature class that will be used to derive the dissolves is in the "Main" feature dataset and the other dataset called "Misc" is where I want the dissolves to be saved.

I'm currently using ArcGIS 10 but I thought that in 9.3.1 the outputs of any geoprocessing would automatically saved in the save database as the input feature class with an auto generated name. So, Why would the tool send the output to my default database? How can I set a parameter to choose where i want all of these ouputs to be saved in the same database? Should I add another tool to rename the outputs and then a parameter, tool, environment to save all of the outputs to the same database?

I've provided some jpegs of the model and the tool.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks