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Merge two shapefiles

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jul 8, 2011
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Original User: KevinCRDA


I want to merge two Canada census shapefiles. The first one (CT) is the smallest unit for the urban regions so there is only census blocks for urban areas and there is no blocks for all the rural areas of the country. The second one (CSD) is covering all the country but the blocks are way bigger in the urban regions. You can see in the screenshots the difference between the two shapefiles.

I want to merge these two shapefile. I want to have the CT and the CSD in the same shapefiles with the CT in urban areas and the CSD in other areas.

I tried using the Merge tool. The display of the shapefile looks good, but if i try to select a CT in a urban area, it selects the CSD behind it.

Is there a way to remove the CSD that are under all the CT, so that after I will merge the two shapefiles ? I tried with the clip tool, but it gives me a TopoEngine error ?!

Thank you for you help