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AGX 1700 Odd Reference Scale-Type Behavior

Question asked by PeterLindstrom on Jul 5, 2011
I created a new layer with some bogus data, including a Class field and some miscellaneous points with Class set to A or B. I set up two layers in ArcMap, one for each Class (using definition queries), and loaded up identical symbology for them both. At this point, I can save them to layer files, bring them up in ArcGIS Explorer (AGX. build 1700), and have them look identical. But if I go into ArcMap and set Class A to "don't show layer when zoomed out beyond 1:300,000" and Class B to "don't show layer when zoomed out beyond 1:300,000 or in beyond 1:18,000", save new layer files, and open those in AGX, they look very different. Class B acts like it has a reference scale set; i.e. the symbol gets smaller as you zoom out. I never set a reference scale in ArcGIS, and did all of the symbology, definition queries, and layer file creation from the same data frame. Any ideas? I'm attaching two layer packages that show this behavior.