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Tilt and Rotation w/ Silverlight

Question asked by usadev on Jun 24, 2011
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by geonetadmin
Hello everyone,
I am doing some research and wanted to make sure that I can do tilt and rotation with a seamless environment with the ArcGIS Silverlight SDK. I haven't started development yet, but  I know Bing Maps supports this functionality.

1. The following demo in the interactive Silverlight sample library shows tilting with a planar projection, but the environment is not seamless. It's just confined to the plane.

I think this planar projection is part of the solution, but the plane has to be big enough so that the edges are never exposed and I need to be able to map points that don't appear to be flat on the map when it's tilted. Maybe the shadow of the object has to adjust to the tilt?  Please advise how I should approach. I would really appreciate any insight!

Attached are 2 examples of what I am trying to achieve.

2. I would also like to know if the arial view from Bing Services is available through ArcGIS.

Thank you in advance!