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True transparency requested for MXD-based services

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 20, 2011
Original User: vdkamp

Based on the ArcGIS Flex API, we have developed client software which communicates with a MXD-based ArcGIS service. Through other (SOAP) services the client has access to the fine-grained ArcGIS objects allowing layer properties to be modified.

One of these modifiable properties is the layer transparency. However, because the MXD-based service does not support PNG32, layers will not be transparent in the client when displayed on top of another map service layer. Using a MSD-based service (which supports PNG32) is not an option because then we don't have access to the ArcObjects.

Is there a particular reason why PNG32 is not supported and is there any change that it will be supported in the future (because we really need true transparency)?

Albert van der Kamp