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Final issues -ADG, Legend and Sat Image

Question asked by raffialexanian on Jun 18, 2011
Dear all coders;

I have just finished rewriting my App code from scratch with Flex 4 and the 2.3 API. The new API is amazing. There are three small issues left, and certainly any input will be highly appreciated. 

1. Satellite Image:
I am using the ESRI imagery service, and many many times in the application, some image tiles fail to draw and you have to zoom out or in for those tiles to draw. You can see the tiles that didn't draw in the attached "sat-and-legend.jpg" image.

<esri:ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer id="ImageryMap" visible="true" 

2. Legend:
The legend pretty much does the same thing, when the page is launched, it fails to draw the legend, and you have to refresh the browser, then many times it does draw. You can see the failed legend in the attached "sat-and-legend.jpg" image.
<esri:Legend id="myLegend" name="Legend of map" map="{myMap}" respectCurrentMapScale="true"/>

3. ADG Arrangement:
This one is very weird. I get search results in an ADG. You click on a result once, the map zooms correctly to the location. The ADG contains four fields, Type, Name, Sector and City. If you try and arrange the results by the Name field by clicking on the name header, then select a result, the map zooms INCORRECTLY. It practically zooms as if the results were not arranged by the Name field. You can see both attached adg-correct.jpg and adg-incorrect.jpg for a visual explanation.

Application Link:

Thank you;