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Feature Summarization ArcMap/ArcScene

Question asked by semmi on Jun 16, 2011

i have a problem going further : I have to visualize multiple utility-networks. Within my master-thesis i have to develop cartographic concepts and have partly to implement them.

So i developed some concepts to avoid situations, where lines are overlapping or cluttering when they are too close to each other (attached 2 screenshots). The principle is quite easy. the algorithm has to compute the distance between lines. If they are closer than let's say 2pt to each other, than replace those different lines with one new thicker line and attach an annotation to it.

I am absolutely not sure, whether this is possible to implement in ArcGIS. I was looking for FME to compute this kind of line-summerization but i found nothing really useful. Has anybody of you experiences or an idea?

Thank a lot in advance
greetz, semmi