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Appending f.class to another f.class created in modelbuilder using an T/F script

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 6, 2011
Original User: smkruzik

I'm trying to take a feature class with over 20000 records and separate it into about 50 feature classes with a few thousand records.  To do this, I'm iterating through the feature class and extracting the data by a CellID field.  I have a few of these feature classes, and more will be coming as I continue my work.  As a result I set up a model to not just create the feature classes, but also check first to see if one already exists, and if so, append to it instead of overwriting it.  I've attached the model along with the 'if exists' script adapted from the one ESRI provided.
My problem is at the end.  If the model finds that the feature class DOES exist, then it creates the appendCID Feature class.  But because it never ran through "doesn't exist" scenario, it's not establishing the feature class, and when it goes to append, it's appending to nothing.

I hope that makes sense.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.