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Conversion Raster To Polygon in File GDB. Result saved in a FeatureDataset !!

Question asked by geonetadmin on May 31, 2011
Original User: Xavier

I have to convert a reclassed raster to a featureclass.
I thought that following piece of code would convert the raster (pGeodataset) in a featureclass stored in the File GDB  wokspace and named "toto". I expected an featureclass as  the function result 
Apparently, i'm wrong ! This code creates a feature dataset named "toto" an store in this one the featureclass named  "shape"... And the function returns null !
How can do that ? Some help would be appreciated... I'm in the fog :-)

IConversionOp pConversionOp = new RasterConversionOpClass();

            IFeatureClass pFeatureClass = pConversionOp.RasterDataToPolygonFeatureData(pGeoDataset, pWorkspaceOut, "toto", true) as IFeatureClass;