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Icons for symbology not showing up in AxSymbologyControl1 and SymbolRamps

Question asked by geonetadmin on May 12, 2011
Original User: Knoche

I have 2 forms that use these controls. They have been working fine in our version 9.2. We have upgraded to 10. The windows, when run from my development machine, look fine. On my customers machines the controls load fine with the names of the styles but with no icon or color ramp. Please see attached.
Also, here is the code that I have been using to loading the style (I have also tried setting it in the controls properties) :

public frmRasterSymbols() { InitializeComponent(); //Get the ArcGIS install location string sInstall; // uses the Version assembly to get this sInstall = SQFunctions.RuntimeInstallDirectory(); //Load the ESRI.ServerStyle file into the SymbologyControl SymbolRamps.LoadStyleFile(sInstall + "\\Styles\\ESRI.ServerStyle"); 
//Set the style class SymbolRamps.StyleClass = esriSymbologyStyleClass.esriStyleClassColorRamps; 
//Select the color ramp item //SymbolRamps.GetStyleClass(SymbolRamps.StyleClass).SelectItem(0); }