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Error while running Schematics Model GPService on Server

Question asked by anoop_jayaram on May 6, 2011
Latest reply on May 16, 2011 by s.arndtesri-de-esridist
Hi all...

I am trying to generate schematics of the selected features on web.
I have created a model and it is working in arcmap.
But when I published the same GP Tool into server and called via the Geoprocessingtask,
it is throwing errors while running.
I was publishing same map data as map service.
Tool was published as GeoprocessingService based on tbx.
I get these below messages.

Error: Job Status: Failed 



   Error: Failed. 

What might be wrong here.Anything more to do on settings or configuration?
Any help on this is highly appreciated.
I have attached the model pics also.Pls chk that too.

Thanks in advance :)
Anoop Jayaram