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Trying to use SOAP with GeometryServer for function not available in REST Interface

Question asked by jsibbaldesriuk-esridist Employee on Apr 26, 2011
I am a newbie in programming but a keen amateur.  When trying to project between different datums the REST interface in GeometryServer is next to useless and at worst misleading.  If one wishes to apply a geodetic datum transformation to a project then only the SOAP interface currently supports this.  I have used the SOAP interface successfully but have not used Asynchronous Messaging before.

I have included my feeble attempt at programming for Windows Phone 7 and I seem to get a correct response from the GeometryServer (Attached ProjectResponse.txt) which I captured using Wireshark.  However, the ProjectResponse result that is returned in the program is NULL. 

Any guidance would be gratefully received.