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Bug in CLIP Function (clip raster with shapefile) ?? Need help

Question asked by bodomalo on Apr 24, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2011 by erice-esristaff

I am Using Arcmap 10.0

I simply use the ArcToolBox->Data-Management -> Raster -> Clip Function to Clip a DEM File with my shapefile polygons.

Before I did that, I RESAMPLED the DEM once, to have a higher resolution and get more accurate areas (original dem has only 10x10m resolution, now it has a resolution cellsize of 0,2x0,2 meters)

First the results look fine, but see for yourself. It seems as if the CLIP function seems to add a few pixels on every upper right corner of a polygon. Ok, thats only a few pixels, but it is wrong.

It really gets worse if the polygons are very small and have many edges. (horror.jpg)

I did not change any settings with the CLIP function. I only use the 2 input files, and check the box "Use Input features for clipping..."

Any help would be appreciated.