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1-Bit TIFs Greatly Lose Resolution after Building Pyramids in ArcCatalog 10, SP1

Question asked by RossCBrewer on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2011 by RossCBrewer
When I build pyramids on some 1-Bit TIF images - created from scanned orthophotos taken in 1983, the resulting TIFs draw in the preview panel, and in ArcMap, with an unusable loss in resolution (please see the attached before/after screenshots).

I have tried adjusting the compression formats and cell sizes in the Environment Settings within the Build Pyramid dialogue box, but no luck.  Also, when I deleted the RRD files from within Windows Explorer (with the intentions of simply rebuilding the pyramids in ArcCatalog), the TIFs strangely previewed with the poor resolution before I even recreated the new RRD files; and continued to keep that low resolution after recreating the new pyramids? 

Any ideas?

Ross Brewer