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Aggregate tool in modelbuilder loses output workspace after first grid in batch mode

Question asked by geonetadmin on Apr 4, 2011
Original User: andyroo

I'm trying to understand what happened here. i thought I could make a quick model to generate some simplified output rasters using modelbuilder.

My goal: Create an aggregated raster with Agg%CellFactor% appended to the filename in a folder I specify.

Methods: Create a model using the Aggregate tool, with parameters including (1) a model variable for the output directory, (2) the input raster, and (3) the Cell factor. The input raster is parsed so that the raster name is appended with _Agg%CellFactor%.tif in the Aggregate tool (so I can keep track of what's what. A screenshot of the model is attached.

The Aggregate tool is supposed to name the output files with the following inline variable substitution:


and this works for the first file (see model output screenshot, attached), but when I run it in batch mode, the output directory defaults back to my current workspace (e:\workspace). I don't understand why the Aggregate tool doesn't honor the inline variable substitution for each file in the batch.