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Mosaic Datasets - inconsistent Overview and/or pyramid display resolution?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2011 by andyroo
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I decided to explore mosaic datasets as a method of managing large datasets of bathymetric data at varying resolutions. After adding 133 DEMs ranging from 50cm to 10m cell size to the mosiac dataset (all at once), I am seeing inconsistent overview/pyramid display for the finest resolution rasters (50cm and 1m). I attached images showing how these tiles show up at improperly large scales relative to the other layers (highest resolution data are adjacent to the white north image boundary).

I should mention that I am not totally clear about the difference between .ovr and .rrd files, and how they relate to each other. I am wondering if my inexperience with the new .ovr files has created the problem. When I was adding the raster data to the mosaic dataset, under "advanced", I did select "build pyramids", which was off by default.

If I zoom in close enough (>1:4000) then the fine-scale pyramids/overviews show up fine, although the coarser scale ones (15m and 30m) don't go away. But if I am zoomed out past 1:4000, then the coarser .rrd/.ovr obscures the bathy - but only for the highest resolution data layer.

How can I get rid of the coarse display or at least hide it at higher zooms? I should mention also that these coarse scales show up in the DEM mosaic dataset (that I added existing rasters to and built pyramids for) as well as the referenced hillshade mosaic (where I just pointed to the DEM mosiac datast). I generally followed the directions here:

except for where I selected "build pyramids" in the advanced settings in the "add rasters" dialog box.

I am trying to determine if I can adjust/rebuilt some overlay or pyramid setting to achieve better display, or if this is a more serious issue with mosaic datasets.