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picture marker symbol does not export to legend, only on map

Question asked by SaultDon on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Mike@Secure2018
I have recently encountered this strange phenomena where a point file in my map is using a picture marker symbol and does not export to the PDF

I am exporting to PDF from ArcMap, here are my current settings:

In the pdf, the legend point symbol is not drawn, but left blank:

It draws fine on the map, in the pdf:

I never experienced this problem before as this map exported fine previously (like a month ago when I last did changes), and in my export settings, I have tried every combination, especially the Convert Marker Symbols.... option and the Picture Symbol pulldown.

I have not installed any service packs as of late, I think we are using sp3.

The current workaround, is to print to file (any postscript format) and then convert the PS file to PDF using either Acrobat Distiller, or the free GSView.

Any solutions?