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Attaching Attributes from Frequency table to shape file

Question asked by pminamdar on Mar 12, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2011 by geonetadmin
Dear All,
I would like to attach attributes of other table to existing shape file with polygons.
Both have shape area field common. I would like to have output shapefile with
all attributes of other table.
I tried Join tool but it did not gave me desired result. Please note that OID for both shape
areas are different.

File is attached.
The Table Freq. has Value of Shape Area which is also present in Melb_open_space (Same value but OID is Different).
I would like to have freq. table in shape file with the fields of Average_KL and Demand_per_area3.
It will help me in representing demand per area for respective polygons.
Please guide me on this.