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Problem with FlexViewer2.2 Source Code?

Question asked by rmmalik786 on Mar 10, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2011 by rmmalik786
Hello Flex Gurus:  I am experiencing a strange behavior with the source code I just downloaded from here:

Although I will be making some changes to the InfoColumnChartWidget, I am using it right OUT-OF-THE-BOX with no changes what so ever.  I am not getting any compilation errors.  However, everytime I click on the thematic map, I get a strage behavior of the listed fields (please see images for details).  Is there something I am doing wrong.  I have tested the compiled version and it works beautifully.  However, I cannot get the source code to behave the same way.  Am I missing something?  Please help ASAP. I have to complete a very time sensitive project showing thematic mapping.  Thanks, Malik