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Hi there,

i want to generate a schematic diagram from bus lines. I have the Shapefiles of the Routes (Polylines) and the Bus stops (Points). Now i want to generate the diagram, to make the plans more readable (e.g. Smart Tree).

I had already read the 2 Tutorials of ESRI Webhelp and watched the Video on Esri Virtual Campus, but i didn`t found my fault yet.

First, i created a schematic diagram template with the 2 feature classes, as the tutorial shows it.
After this, i startet ArcMap und selected my Line-Features and clicked on "Create New Schematic Diagram" and filled in the formular.
I tried it with the normal shapefiles and after transforming them into a network, but nothing worked.

In the most tests, there were no entrys in the attribute tables of the result --> nothing to display.
There was one "way to go" where i got a result, but ArcGIS offered me a crazy looking diagram (see attachment).

When i used the network builder instead, it was nearly working, but i always had to select/solve a route with the network analyst. So only the solved Route was displayed in my diagram and not the whole line-network.

I`m using ArcGIS 10 with Network Analysis and Schematics Extension. Can somebody please help me?

Best regards,