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GeoRAS: Generating XSections from XYZ

Question asked by Playa on Feb 15, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2011 by geonetadmin
I've received an Excel Worksheet from the surveyors that surveyed xsections of a channel that we are looking to upgrade. I've attached a print screen of the Excel Worksheet (Excel_XYZ) received to depict the format of the xsections received. The following fields are found within the Excel Worksheet: ID; Desc; X; Y; Z. The problem that I have is firstly there is a XYZ for the Top Left Bank; Center of Bottom Channel and Top Right Bank. The xsection is missing XYZ for the Left of Bottom Channel and Right of Bottom Channel to generate an accurate representation (XSection_Profile) of the channel. I created additional XYZ to depict the same height for the Left and Right of Bottom Channel based on the width of the Bottom of the Channel. The problem is that the XYZ are grouped into individual xsections by the ID field, but unfortunately the XYZ are in no particular order and by adding additional XYZ for the bottom of the channel any order is further removed.

I have come up with a solution, but looking for a more automated approach to apply it, or a better approach that someone else might have thought of. I have made use of the X Coordinate to order the generation of xsection 3D polylines. The only problem is where the rotation of the xsection (XCoord) has two XYZ with identical X coordinates or the order is reversed due to an XYZ being slightly off from the other XYZ. Where the xsections angle are close to being parallel to longitude I alter and use the Y Coordinate.

My approach is currently manual by selecting the points that make up the xsection and populating an order field with either the X coordinate or y coordinate alternatively.

I'm making using of ET Geowizards "Points to Polyline Z(M) where an order field is used.

Any advise or alternative method to my approach would be appreciated.