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Autocomplete polygon does not always honor existing polygon boundaries (ArcGIS10)

Question asked by andyroo on Jan 5, 2011
I am running into an issue when using autocomplete polygon editing in ArcGIS 10.

I am making a geologic map. When using autocomplete, existing polygon boundaries are not always honored. I've included an illustration of the issue in attachments labeled AutocompleteBug1 - AutocompleteBug4 ("Bug1" - "Bug4"). Explanation follows:

Bug1 shows an area before I used autocomplete to build a polygon over the blank hillshade. I drew the polygon from left to right along the top edge of the hillshade, joining it to Qms on both sides, while zoomed in to keep the boundary consistent with the hillshade coverage. Note the two Qas? polygons inside of the Qms, and adjacent to the blank hillshade

Bug2 shows the same area when I finished the polygon (pressing F2 after the last vertex was created at the top right of the hillshade, still zoomed in). Note how the autocompleted polygon covers the two Qas? polygons.

Bug3 shows where I deleted a portion of the polygon created in Bug2 to re-expose the Qas? polygons. I then used autocomplete and drew a line with two vertices while zoomed out so I could see the Qas? polygons.

Bug4 shows the two polygons created by the second autocomplete operation. Note how this time the boundary with Qas? is honored. The only differences I can think of are (1) zoom scale, and (2) in the first autocomplete operation, I went from Qms to Qms (and had more vertices), and in the second autocomplete operation, I went from Tm to Qms.

Anyway, it's irritating. Consistent behavior would be nice.

Andy Ritchie