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Compare Replica Schema exhausts machine memory

Question asked by geonetadmin on Dec 25, 2010
Original User: JohnBoyce

I have successfully created two one-way replicas from a 9.3.1. SP2 geodatabase on Oracle 64 bit, running under Windows Server 2003 R2.  The replicas are created in file geodatabases on the same machine.   One replica has 10 tables in it, the other has 50 tables.  Each table averages about 30 columns.
Without changing the schema of the parent or child replicas, I run Compare Replica Schema on each.  The ten-table replica run uses a lot of memory (hundreds of Meg), but completes OK.  The 50-table replica run quickly consumes the maximum memory allowed (1.5 Gig for a 32-bit app), then hangs or fails with an out-of-memory exception.  There is a way to increase the maximum memory space of a 32-bit app to 4 Gig, but this does not help.  The 4 Gig of memory space also gets allocated to the process, and the the process hangs or presents an out-of-memory exception. 

Has anyone else encountered excess memory consumption using Compare Replica Schema?  I find similar results whether using ArcMap/ArcCatalog, the geoprocessing tool, or ArcObjects code.