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Merge fields bug

Question asked by olivier57 on Dec 23, 2010

Am I wrong or is it a big merge bug ? After dozen of tests, it appears that Merge lose its "field map" settings after modelbuilder run.

At first, I encountered something incredible, "merge tool" doesn't have the same behaviour in two different models in the same mxd ! The main difference between the two models is that in the one which doesn't work, merged input layer comes from 2 attributes joins. So I inserted a "copy features" between this layer and merge, and it seems to work for adding fields at the moment but results are lost after run.

Furthermore, it's not possible to delete a field which was added by mistake, or at least 'delete' works randomly (!), not deleting what you expected.

Summary of previous tests :

I want to merge two layers whith modelbuilder. As two fields are identical, I would like to get them in the same field as a result.

So, in the field map, I select "add input field" for the first layer field and add the same field of the second layer. Both fields appears under this name. Fine.

Problem 1:
Click "ok" (without apply), or click "run" : second field is lost !
I tried with SP2 : second field is not lost after "ok" but lost after "run".
Workaround insert copy feature between join and merge but that do not solve everything because settings are still lost after run.

Problem 2
Delete groups in field maps. They disappear.
Click ok Reopen merge : deleted groups are back !

Problem 3
All merge rules are lost after run !

Problem 4
If I disconnect input and set it to another shapefile, Field map is not updated and keep all previous fields. Require to delete toolbox and recreate to reflect the correct fields.

What surprise me the most, is that I was using modelbuilder/merge for a while and didn't encountered those problems. Could the problem comes from join ? From a corrupted model ( even if validate is ok) ?

Windows 7
ArcEditor 9.3.1-sp2