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Eventlayer - FeatureClass.Search

Question asked by geonetadmin on Nov 26, 2010
Original User: fritz96

Hi there,

well i'll try to explain the problem i observed.

I've got 3 eventlayer in my map. All of them pointing at the same database table (oracle) with different
(setted by DefinitionExpression). Thats all fine as you can see in the attached "#1_normal.jpg". One of the attributes of the table is the street. Now it comes to a research tool which provides the streets to select by the user. after the street selection a search should be done over just one of the 3 eventlayers (defined by the user before). So i get the
form the map by
and build up a
and set the
of it to some like STREET like 'champs elysee'. Then i build a IFeatureCursor by  featureLayer.FeatureClass.Search(pFilter, false); and go through while NextFeature(); is not null. now i'm supposed to get all features out of "lebende Bäume" (in my example) with the certain street as value. but in the results are also features of the layer "gefällte Bäume" as you can see in the second attachment "#2_afterquery.jpg".

Now my question is, am i doing something wrong? does anybody observed something like that with eventlayers before? and in the end, are there in solution of course.

Win XP
ArcGis Engine Enterprise GeoDatabase