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Color Composites from Landsat Imagery Comparision

Question asked by geonetadmin on Nov 11, 2010
Original User: kpzimmer


I am using Landsat 5 Imagery to create color composites, such as false infrared images, etc. However, when I create composites from different dates the images don't appear very similar. For example an October 2008 Landsat image has rocky areas in a 743 composite (Landsat Bands 7,4,3)  showing up as bright blue and dark red, while the October 2009 743 composite images has them showing up kind of brown. (See Attached). I expected there to be slight differences in the images because they are different years, but not to this extent. Is there a way to normalize each images so direct visual comparision is possible? Right now the Symobology in the RGB composite is set to = 2, I've tried adjusting these but still can't get the colors to match up for comparision. Anyone know why the images look so different or how I can get the colors to be similar. Thanks.