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custom addin object can not regist successfuly

Question asked by geonetadmin on Nov 7, 2010
Original User: cash

hello team:
I am learning how to build a custom button in Arcengine is the software environment:
vs 2010+delphi prism +arcengine 2010+ windows XP.Now I use the basecommand(esri.arcgis.ADF.baseclass) to create a new command which can show message "hello",when you click the button .when  I register the dll(right click the DLL file and use the ESRI register tools and select "engine" as the option), An error raised: the system cannot find the file specified  HRESULT:0x80070002. I want to know  ESRI regist tool raise this exception for what?(useing C# arcgis templete do this same is OKey,it is curious�?�?any suggestion will be appreciated.

best regard