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Multiple Questions ArcGIS10

Question asked by annalar16 on Oct 5, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2010 by annalar16
1. Where is the Select layers tab and how do you set selectale layers in 10? I've tried your new selection choices and I have layers that overlap that I don't want ALL selected. How can I only set certain layers to be selected and not others?
2. Why does the attribute window sort the layers in a different manner then the way they are selected in the table? See Atachments
3. Why did you eliminate the enter key from moving between lines in the attribute window? Now I have to use the mouse to move to the next line or the tab key on the opposite hand it's totally slowing down my data entry.
4. I undocked the table and now I can't get it docked back on the side and I can't minimize it now that you took all the buttons off of it. How do you redock back to the side tab?
5. Since my VBA Scripts no longer work How do I stop getting the error message everytime I open the mxd?
6. How do I stop that stupid create features tab from opening every time I start an edit session?

I'm sure I'll have even more. I've never been more frustated after an ugrade as I am right now.