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Missing labels

Question asked by Huwg on Sep 27, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2011 by KG22
For the second time recently, I'm having a problem with missing labels. Both times it has been with multipart polygons. Previously I successfully worked around it by exploding the polygon, but that's not an option this time. Last time it was a different feature class giving me the problem.

Attached are screen grabs taken with just simple pans between them, no scale change at all.

View Unplaced Labels does not reveal the missing label, which is (should be) on the smaller part of a two part multipart polygon. If I zoom to a larger scale the label is placed. Regardless of scale the larger part is always labelled. Even panning without any scale change can cause the label to appear. The problem persists in both Layout & Data View, although at different scales.

Other multipart features are being correctly labelled. I�??ve tried reducing the label font size down to a ridiculous 0.01 & it still won�??t appear �?? there�??s plenty of room at the size I want to use anyway.

Scale Range is set to "Use the same scale range as the feature layer", which in turn is set to "Show layer at all scales".

Placement Properties are: "Always horizontal", Only place label inside polygon is "Off", Duplicate Labels is "Place one label per feature part".

I have tried multiple combinations of the Conflict Detection settings without luck �?? there are no other labels anywhere near anyway.

What hidden setting am I missing that could cause this?

ArcView 10