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Odd behavior with AGX 1500 Query tool using Esri-recommended map service designs

Question asked by dananrg on Sep 27, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2010 by geonetadmin
The query functionality in AGX 1500 is very welcome. Thanks to Esri for adding it. However, its implementation is causing problems. We get odd behavior from the new Query tool in AGX 1500 when using Esri-recommended map service designs. For example, a typical Esri-recommended design has the map doc partitioned into group layers organized by scale:

Problem #1: Confusing presentation in 'select sub-layer to query' dialog box

Using the Esri recommended basemap design approach, when an AGX 1500 user queries such a map service, they're presented with a confusing 'select sub-layer' dialog. It shows the same layer repeatedly but with map scale names attached (see attached screenshot: SublayerToQuery01.JPG).

As a band-aid, we created a map doc / service without using group layers (but retained scale-dependencies) and renamed each layer so it would be more representative the features exposed; e.g. in our case, we have one FC divided into multiple layers using definition queries. At some scales only Interstates are shown; in others, only Interstates and US Routes are shown, etc. It's still very kludgey as duplicate layer names remain. Please see attached image SublayerToQuery02.JPG.

What's the best way to make the 'select sub-layer to query' dialog box more comprehensible and intuitive to users? Life would be easier if, like with the Legend, one could select which layers we wanted users to query on. This would allow us to eliminate duplicates in the 'select sub-layer to query' dialog. Is that functionality scheduled for the next release of AGX? Could it be scheduled for a future release?

Problem #2: "Get Unique Values" function in Query builder works differently in AGX than in ArcMap

In ArcMap, when one chooses a layer to select from that has a definition query on it, clicking "Get Unique Values" rightly returns only values that are valid for the attribute as specified by the definition query. For example, on a layer named "Interstates Routes", there is a definition query of: RTE_1_CLSS_CD = 'I'. In ArcMap, when you query this layer and choose "Get Unique Values" for the RTE_1_CLSS_CD field, you rightly only see a value of 'I'.

In AGX 1500, when you click on the RTE_1_CLSS_CD field for the "Interstate Routes" layer, you get more than just 'I'--you get all the unique values in the FC as if no definition query existed. This means the user can choose values for records that can never be returned by the query (US routes, etc). Is there a workaround for this? Is it a known issue? Will it be fixed in the next release?

Problem #3: Shape field must be checked in map doc for Query icon to be enabled

We're not sure why, but if the shape field is not checked on in map doc (Layer Properties > Fields), the Query icon in AGX will be grayed out. Why is this the case?

To summarize: We're happy that AGX now has Query functionality. But we're struggling with the implementation. We want the user to have a positive, straightforward Query experience. What can we do with the present release to achieve this? And what Query tool improvements are planned for the next release that will make it more user friendly?