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Why do some input fields not appear in the output feature classes.

Question asked by geonetadmin on Sep 16, 2010
Original User: Geraldtaylor

Greetings all

I�??ve been working on a geoprocessing model to duplicate the function of an old AML script that we use for soil/wetlands acreage mapping and calculations.

The model was initially developed with the tools hard coded to test data and useful advice from both ESRI tech support and this forum. When the process worked, the hard coded inputs were replaced by parameters so that the model could work with any farm or any sets of soils and wetlands data.

The process using variable parameters works and, in parallel tests, may be used to generate acreage reports identical to those created from our conventional process which uses the old AML script in a command line/coverage environment. However, I find that, when using variable inputs, all the fields coming originally from the raw wetlands data that are identity overlaid with the digital parcels do not appear in the output feature class. This, even though the two fields, WETLANDS and LABCODE, that are created in the process and contain calculated values based upon values in the original wetlands data are there and appear to be correct.

This does not occur in the overlay and calculations of the parcel with digital soils data elsewhere in the model leading me to think that the problem lies in the feature layers that are used to select out subsets of the wetlands data when the two calculated fields are populated.

In a high production environment, it�??s far too cumbersome to hard code the data every time the model is used, but we don�??t want to lose all the wetlands input fields.
Does anyone have an idea what might be happening here and if there might be a workaround.

G. Taylor