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Why the oracle view in ArcMap is "0"?

Question asked by 19774279 on Aug 10, 2010
All the spatial-datas are stored in user "236-gis", non-spatial-datas are stored in user "236-scott". You can see the table1 in table-en.JPG. And I created the view like this:
create view peo_count
as select column1 as å??å¸?å��, count(column1) as 人æ?°
from table1 group by column1;
In oracle, the view is like view-en.JPG, but in ArcMap, the view is like arcmap.JPG. All the value is zero. Why?

I used "OLE DB Connection" connected to the "236-scott"(non-spatial-data), and "Spatial Database Connection" to the "236-gis"(spatial-data).
Oracle 10.2,ArcSDE 9.3.1,ArcMap 9.3.1