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Is arcpy.managemapservercachetiles not working in arcgis 10?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Aug 6, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2010 by geonetadmin
Original User: keeblerh

I am trying to automate the caching for a tiled service and was planning to use the arcpy.manageMapServerCacheTiles and the python script examples I have seen to cache all levels by extent.  The scripts runs very quickly, says it is complete and when you look at the cache dir it looks as though all of the levels have been touched (date/time updated) but it doesn't really cache much of anything.  I saw that this capability did not work for scripting in 9.3.1.  Does it still not work in ArcGIS 10?  The following is the python script I am running:

# These lines are used to access ArcGIS geoprocessing tools
import arcpy, sys
from arcpy import env

# Here is where you define the input parameter values for the update tool.
# Empty quotes take the default value.
server = "mddehvarcs01"
service = "DEH_BaseMap_Tiled"
dataFrame = "Layers"
inputLayers = ""
extent = "-77.6402, 38.9205, -76.8030, 39.3593"
scales = ""
updateMode = "Recreate All Tiles"
threadCount = "3"
antialiasing = "NONE"
pathToFeatureClass = ""
ignoreStatus = ""

    result = arcpy.ManageMapServerCacheTiles_server(server, service, dataFrame,
                                           inputLayers, scales, updateMode,
     extent, threadCount,
     antialiasing, pathToFeatureClass,

I may be just doing something stupid but cannot quite figure out what.  Thanks.