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Assigned Domain Issue on Feature Class

Question asked by srehbaum on Jun 25, 2010
I have recently begun to explore an ArcSDE database containing Utiities (water) data my county collects with hopes of reconfiguring it and consensing the number of domains, subtypes, etc...  I have run into an issue on a particular feature class where the domain is showing two different domains on the same field.  Under the fields tab in ArcCatalog, it shows the assigned domain as wJunctionMaterial.  Under the subtypes tab it shows the same field as having a domain named ssWaterLineMaterial.  Each domain has the same set of coded values (I will be eliminating all duplicate domains and condensing to one master set whereas currently we have a set of domains for each type...potable, reclaimed, raw, etc..).  This is Oracle 10g I believe and we are at ArcSDE 9.2.  I have enclosed screen caps to illustrate this issue.  Has anyone else run into this issue?  I am assuming there is a conflict in the database, but beyond that I have no idea.  It does not have an impact on me as I will be rebuilding the entire schema.  Any input regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.