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Least cost path issues

Question asked by saparks on Jun 16, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by EZK

I'm attempting to create a least cost path for two points, a source point and a destination point. I am using the "costdistance" and "costpath" functions in Spatial Analyst.

Everything appears to run fine, but when I look at the results, something seems amiss. The main problem is that the actual "path" does not link the source and destination point (please see 'test_path.jpg'). As you will see, the actual path starts two cells from the source point and ends one cell before the destination point.

The issue with the starting point being two cells away from the actual start of the path may have something to do with the "cost" grid created using the "costdistance" function. If you look at the second jpeg ("test_costdist.jpg") you will see that the cost grid shows that the zero cost pixel, which I would expect to align with the source point, is actually shifted by one pixel. This seems quite odd.

Anyone please have any thoughts/comments on this issue?

Sean Parks