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Projecting Dgn Data ?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2010 by pmbushore
Original User: dotmmj

I have succesfully overlaid several .dgn files created in one coordinate system onto GIS data of another coordinate system.  I did this by copying and pasting a prj file in the coordinate system of the .dgn files, putting it in the same directory as the .dgn file, and naming it the same name as the .dgn file. 

In most cases, this has worked well, but in some cases, it doesn't.  I've remedied most of these cases by compressing the .dgn file.

I have one case where compressing the dgn file didn't get the data in it to overlay onto the data already in ArcGIS.  I looked in the .dgn file and there are no reference files in it.  Does anyone have any ideas concering why this particualr dgn doesn't want to overlay onto my existing geo data that is in a different projection/coordinate system?

Mark Janecek
Urban and Regional Planner
Wisconsin Dept. Transportation