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ArcGIS Desktop Schematic 9.3 (Link Element positioning)

Question asked by RajeshMane on May 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2010 by geonetadmin
Hi Support,

I am using ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 for my Utility Project. I have busbar Featureclass (ComplexJunction) which is also participated in Geometric network. I have designed Standard builder diagram type using SCH Designer. since Busbar has subtype Main Bus and Dropper. Multiple droppers are connected to Main Bus. When I am selecting only Busbar(including mainbus and dropper) and trying to generate Schematic Diagam using ArcGIS Desktop- ArcEditor. its displays Main bus in steps and diffrent elements in schematic diagram eventhough in actual its only entity and has vertices for dropper Orginating point where Dropper can start. I would like to know How to avoid steps and bring Mainbus in One element in my schematic diagrams. Since It gives me wrong representaion. Please refer Image1 and Image2 snapshot.

Image1 : geographic feature where 1 Main bus and 4 Dropper has been selected.
Image2: Schematic diagram. in that Main Bus displayed in steps which is wrong in dark brown colour. and Dropper have been shown in Brown color where other elements are connected.

How Main bus can come as 1 entity and not in steps. So that it can give correct representaion.

Rajesh Mane
GIS project Lead