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Changing graphical extents of geographic coordinate system

Question asked by Hydronaut on May 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2010 by geonetadmin
I am trying to plot some international zones on a map in WGS84 GCS.

When I plot a polygon around New Zealand, it seems the 'Westing' is appearing in the incorrect position for what I want to show.  For instance the polygon looks as though it's trying to draw around the entire globe (see attached Incorrect1.jpg). 

The desired result I'm looking to achieve is zone 51 in the attached 'Correct.jpg'.  Ie. I'd like the 'Westings' to appear on the right hand side of my map.

If I pretend to 'ignore' the westing coordinate, and enter it as an easting (ie. 360 degrees minus 167 degrees West), then I end up with the result as seen in Incorrect2.jpg.  That is a portion of the polygon exists on the 'other' side of the map.

Any thoughts on how to tackle this task without projecting the data?  I'd like to be replicate the image in 'Correct.jpg' - preserving the shape and area.