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ArcGIS Routing Service - Wrond driving distance using StreetMap Routing Service

Question asked by geonetadmin on May 26, 2010
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Original User: zhaider


I have written a code that will generate driving distances from one city to cities in xxx mile buffer. I believe that the code is ok. The code will generate millions of records. Before doing that I was testing with small set of data.

I was using the supplied  ESRI dataset in my code. The result is attached in zImg1.jpg. You will notice that, from center (the center is the red county polygon), some of the driving distances have higher value (the blue polygons). So I noticed that about 5% of the calculations are wrong.

Then I started to test the result manualy (zImg2.jpg). This time

I Added the same steet network data in TOC.
Loaded Network Analyst Extension
Clicked New Route
Added two network location (point 1 ad point 2)
Clicked Solve
Perhaps I got the correct result (the green line in zImg2.jpg)

I was testing with the StreetMap Routing Service from the supplied DVD data.

Data sources:
Load \usa\StreetMap_USA.mxd (this will load the StreetMap Routing Service Tool in ArcMap)
Also load data routing service data from \usa\streetmap_usa\streets\ (if the data is not loaded in StreetMap Find Route Interface)

The result from this procedure is wrong (not all the time) which is shown in red. The distance is not coming as I expected (The route is completle different).

Why the two results are different. I need the solution that is mentiond in item # 2 i.e. I like to use the StreetMap Routing Service data (

Would you please help me out? How to get the right result.

Thanks in advance.

Zia Haider