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Buffering Problem

Question asked by farsidecow on May 5, 2010
Latest reply on May 7, 2010 by geonetadmin
I am trying to generate a 3 mile buffer around a somewhat oddly shaped polygon (which is about twice as wide as it is tall).  I've used the Buffer tool (ArcToolbox->Analysis Tools->Proximity->Buffer) to do this.  I set it to run a 3 mile buffer.  The resultant shapefile has a 3 mile buffer north/south, but the east/west only shows a roughly 2.5 mile buffer (and incidentally, about 2.75 miles on the diagonal).  I thought this might be a projection issue (I'm using Mississippi State Plane West since this project is in west Mississippi) but have tried several other projections and have gotten the same result.  I thought it might be doing something like squaring the file off then running the buffer (somewhat like what centroids do) but I ran it on a perfect square (square mile) and one that is two wide by one tall (both square miles) and ran into the same result (2.5 wide instead of 3, and 2.75 diagonal instead of 3, with a 3 tall).  I'm attaching the test I did showing the buffer around the PLSS square miles I tested (since the actual boundary I'm looking at is kind of a sensitive project).  Any help is appreciated!  Thanks!