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Populate combobox of a form with layers in TOC in

Question asked by geonetadmin on Apr 12, 2010
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Hi, i have a code that i've written in vba and here what it is:
It's a button that when pushed it shows a form with a combobox (that list the layers in the TOC) a textbox with a button for the user to choose a folder to save the result of the operation (wich is a .txt with coordinates of a previously selected polygon feature of layer choosen in the combobox), a textbox for the user write the name of the file to be saved and a OK button that executes the operation.
I started migrating to and i'm trying to write this code in .net and here is my situation:
I've acomplished to execute the code without a form and now i've put the form. I managed to show the form in sub on click of a basecommand class but no matter what i do and try cant populate the combobox. The folderdialog works fine but not the combo...please help me.

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