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Question asked by geonetadmin on Apr 6, 2010
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Original User: AntoniaJane

Has anyone experienced issues when FONTS were updated to NEW Fonts after ANNOTATION was created in previous FONTS (using Personal Geodatabases & ArcGIS v9.3.1 SP1) as follows:

When AI Export files are created directly out of ArcGIS the FONTS are unstable, particularly the CURVED Type - LETTERS DROP at random across the export files and different letters on different export files for the same GDB extents & yet more letters drop when the AI files are manipulated e.g. Select, Copy & Paste or even Move or Re-size the documents.

It appears that our mistake was to update Personal GDB Annotation to new FONTS as apparently even though the FONTS appear similar and no problems are noticed in ArcGIS the GEOMETRIES of the different FONTS do not match and result in unstable AI export files.

The problem is that all suggested options to fix this problem at the GDB end for long term stability in AI export files are unfeasible i.e. i) to re-create all Anno from scratch - there have been many years of Text Tidy applied since creation ii) to return to original FONTS - we were already having many years of issues with the old FONTS iii) to manually edit baselines of all ANNO in GDB - we have tens of thousands of pieces of ANNO!

If anyone has any suggestions we would be extremely grateful for help as we haven't yet located similar problems on the ESRI Forums. 

We have developed a temporary fix by exporting the problem ANNO layers as PDF files (which hold the FONTS) & overlaying these on the other layers (ANNO & Features) exported to AI, within AI but this results in many editing issues at the AI product development end.

We are only using AI version 10 as we have had no success when opening AI files exported from ArcGIS in CS3 or CS4.

(Apologies if there is a better Forum for this question.)

With thanks for your time,
Antonia-Jane Weston, Florida, USA