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Library Changes that Violate COM

Question asked by geonetadmin on Mar 1, 2010
Original User: 164549

I have submitted this list to ESRI support, but wanted to inform others.

Below is a list of the changes I have been able to detect that violate the COM programming model.  Some are minor, others are major violations.  My wish is that ESRI would strictly adhere to the COM "contract", but I understand that ESRI feels re-compiling for every ArcGIS version is acceptable (even though that is one of the main tasks COM was intended to avoid).  

These changes are all detected by comparing the 9.3 libraries to the 9.4B2 libraries of the same name.  I have not noted when items have moved between libraries, or when items have been removed completely, though that is also a potential COM violation.

IProtectNameCarto, added one function
IDynamicCacheLayerManager, added two functions

RasterFormatGridFilter, CLSID changed
RasterFormatTifFilter, CLSID changed
RasterFormatBMPFilter, CLSID changed
RasterFormatGIFFilter, CLSID changed
RasterFormatJPGFilter, CLSID changed
RasterFormatJP2Filter, CLSID changed
RasterFormatPNGFilter, CLSID changed

FMEWorkspaceFactory, CLSID changed
FMEWorkspaceHelper, CLSID changed
FMEDatasetHelper, CLSID changed
FMECursorHelper, CLSID changed
FMEExtensionHelper, CLSID changed
FMENativeType, CLSID changed
FMEFunctionFactory, CLSID changed
FMEImportFunction, CLSID changed
FMESourceDatasetType, CLSID changed
FMEDestDatasetType, CLSID changed
FMEDataset, CLSID changed
FMEDatasetTypeFactory, CLSID changed
FMEExportFunction, CLSID changed
FMETool, CLSID changed
FMEToolFactory, CLSID changed

rstRepresentationType, TYPEID changed

esriNetworkErrors, Enum const values changed
ITinFeatureEdit, function name changed
esriXYEventError, Enum const values changed

esriGeoDataServerErrors, Enum const value changed

esriTerrainBlobDataType, TYPEID changed
esriCadastralDistanceUnits, Enum const values changed

IProjectedCoordinateSystem5, added one function
esriSRSpheroidType, Enum const values changed
esriSRDatumType, Enum const value changed
esriSRGeoCSType, Enum const values changed
esriSRProjCSType, Enum const values changed
esriSRGeoTransformationType, Enum const values changed
esriSRGeoTransformation2Type, Enum const values changed
esriSRUnit2Type, Enum const values changed
esriSRDatum3Type, Enum const values changed
esriSRGeoCS3Type, Enum const values changed
esriSRProjCS4Type, Enum const values changed
esriSRGeoTransformation3Type, Enum const values changed
esriSRVerticalCSType, Enum const value changed
esriSRVerticalDatumType, Enum const value changed
esriGeometryError, Enum const values changed
IConstructMerge, IID changed
IRelationResult, added three functions

--pretty much this whole library changed, too many to list

esriArcGISVersion, Enum const value changed
esriLicenseExtensionCode, Enum names changed
esriProductCode, Enum names changed
ITextureCompression, added two functions