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Edit Annotation Tool Text Handles

Question asked by geonetadmin on Dec 16, 2009
Original User: mhillig1

I have a request regarding the handles when using the Edit Annotation Tool.  When I am moving text, I prefer to use the Annotation tool so I can visually see the text while moving.  This is particularly important when the text must straddle a parcel line. 

The problem however is that depending on the text size and number of letters, the rotate handles, and resize handle take up all the space of the text box.  On larger text with more letters, (see picture 2), the handles are pretty well spaced apart, however you can't really see the resize handle.

In picture 3, the handles and text is just a blob and very difficult to be able to move this text without grabbing one of the handles.

Would it be possible to move these handles?  Instead of confining them within the size of the text box, perhaps they could be set a certain number of pixels outside of the center point of the box.  This way, no matter how small the text is, the handles are more easily accessible or avoidable if you just want to move the text.

Another possibility would be additional shortcut keys that are accessible only when this tool is used, adding Ctrl+M for Move, & Ctrl+S=Size just like the Ctrl+R works for rotate.