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Edit AGOL features in ArcGIS Desktop

Question asked by weilnich on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by weilnich

I have been having issues using ArcMap to edit features that are uploaded to my ArcGIS Online Account. I have a line feature and point feature in AGOL. I select the option to "Open in ArcGIS for Desktop" from the My Content screen. The file opens in ArcMap with all features present. I select to create a local copy for editing and it thinks for a minute and creates the copy. I start an edit session, make some edits and then save my edits. When I select to synchronize local edits with server the process runs and all of the edits I made are deleted and I am left in the same place I started.


These point and line feature classes both have many fields with domains as well as attachments. I have done this before with more "basic" features and have not had a problem. Any ideas of what might be going wrong would be a big help.