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Publish Storymap on Wordpress

Question asked by amarti24 on Sep 8, 2014
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Good morning,


I am interested in finding an alternative way to publish a Storymap on Wordpress 3.9.2. I am an intern for a local planning department and recently made my first Storymap to promote our Restaurant Week event (available here). Unfortunately we were not able to publish the live map on our site with the iframe. Because of time limitations we provided a link to the Storymap and were happy with the modest number of views the map attracted in the short time it was live.


My boss loved the product and would like to use Storymap to present other features (parks, retail location, ect) however we would want to make these more permanent fixtures on the webpage by finding a way to successfully embed the app to our Wordpress site. The Wordpress esri plug is not compatible with the version of Wordpress we are using.


One thought is that we could host the storymap on github (or similar) and then embed the map that way. Has anyone had any luck embedding the Storymap on Wordpress? I have some basic html coding experience and could have our webmaster help with the aspect once we identify a way to proceed.


Thanks for your time!