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Graticule & Datum

Question asked by randymcgraw on Sep 8, 2014
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I've set-up 3 data frames with the same data at the same scale and with the same projection. However, I've change the datum on all 3 data frames and have created a graticule (lat & long in degrees) with the same properties and they end up generating the same coordinates at the same locations in all 3 data frames.


My question is: Shouldn't my graticule's be different for each data frame since I have change the datum?


How I understand graticule's is that they are based the the reference Sphere/Ellipsoid that you are using and that is stored in the datum of the Projected coordinate system.


Is my ArcMap Desktop 10.2.2 changing the graticule's to all be the same or am I not properly understanding the concept of a Graticule.