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ArcOnline Web Maps \ Applications (Identify Tool ??? HTML Popup???)

Question asked by bsurina on Sep 5, 2014

ArcOnline web maps and Java Based Applications seem to be able to display attributes for given layer through HTML popups very well.


With respect to identifying data html pop up configuration fall short in not being able to drill down into related data.  The function of bring forward related data is available but does not work.  If you select relationship data the popup is blank.  Also if a layer relates to a table and that table relates to other tables there is no way to bring up the additional relates similar to the identify tool in Arc Map or Arc Reader????  I have setup simple relationship classes in an enterprise geodatabase and have no way to present multiple layers if information.  Is there a replacement concept in Java etc. for the Identify function?


Also the related data link brings up the related table with all records.  If a parcel is selected the related data is not filtered? If there are multiple tables linked only the first relate is brought t up.