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Cartographic Representations - Calculate End Caps

Question asked by dspwilson on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by dspwilson

Hello GeoNet community,


I am asking about Cartographic Representation - Calculate End Caps, a cartography tool in ArcToolbox, for calculating the representation for cased line representations.  Specifically, I am mapping streets in Seattle, WA.


I am using the GIS data from Seattle Department of Transportation.  I have extracted by clip a subset of this feature class with a hand drawn polygon, and symbolized the streets with cartographic representations.  I symbolize the end caps with caps round and joins round.


When I run Calculate Line Caps in ArcToolbox, I receive an 99999 error (a generic error), and the tool fails.  This is ArcGIS 10.2.2.


Previously I used this tool to calculate line caps in the last map I produced (ArcGIS 10.1).  It worked when the with default caps for the casing set to round.  I cannot recall how I set the joins.


I have set both the casing and the line symbols to cap round, joins round.  I wonder if I need to set a different default value for both the casing and joins, or if there is an ArcGIS bug.


Anyone having experience with this tool, please contribute to the discussion.  I will continue to solve the problem and keep those interested informed.